“I do solemnly pledge that I will tell the doctor the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, that I will make no exaggerated claims of superiority or safety; that I will always give adequate assurance and proof that what I say about a product is true; that I will constantly remind myself that no mediation is 100% effective in all patients and that even a placebo may cause distressing side effect in some patients; and that the difference between the product I am detailing and the product the doctor has been using is much smaller in his eyes than in my own, and any exaggeration in this difference will only serve to confirm pervious prescription writing habit. Professionalism belongs to every business level, from the chairman of the board to the operator of the manufacturing equipment. The job itself is not important; it’s how you do it that counts. There is only one way to take pride in what you do: “Do the best job you possibly can”

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EDP Staff

4 months ago Jakarta Full-time Rp-- per month
1. Perempuan usia max. 28 tahun. 2. Pendidikan: Ilmu Komputer/ Sistem Informasi/ Teknik Informasi 3. Menguasai program komputer. 4. Strong logic dan mampu bekerja di bawah tekan...